Unbearable Winter

Cute bears and cruel betrayal. Will you survive?

Unbearable Winter

No. of Backers: 507
Funding: $40,451
Designer: Elliot Tan
Writer: Elliot Tan
Artists: Poh Zi Qun Ak, Marilyn Zhuang
Release: October 2019


In Unbearable Winter, your mission is to survive the panda-monium of Atom Metro Zoo, a once state-of-the-art wildlife attraction, now reduced to an apocalyptic mess.

The zoo is teeming with human survivors (who obviously only think about themselves), semi-natural disasters, and all sorts of frightening mutations and diseases that the nuclear winter has to offer. However, the worst of these threats is not out there, but from within. Amongst your sleuth of bears, one of you has been driven mad by the radiation, and will stop at nothing to cause total annihilation.

No two games are the same! With a wide range of wacky calamities that bend the rules of engagement, this game of survival will test your mettle and wit as you maneuver through these tragic times. Worry about the winter, protect your home from the homeless humans, and be wary of the bad bear — all in the name of overcoming this Unbearable Winter!


Unbearable Winter is a survival co-operation game with a secret traitor within your midst. Your objective is to survive 5 days of the nuclear apocalypse — it’s that simple.

In order to do that, you’ll have to navigate through Atom Metro Zoo’s nuclear-transformed locations and search for some critical supplies.

Each day is filled with its own challenges, as you reveal new calamities that could drastically change the way you play the game.

It wouldn’t be a nuclear winter without the elements raging against you. That’s where these dice come in:

The Nuclear dice (in green) represents the seeping radiation, while the Winter dice (in blue) represents the harshness of winter.

When rolled, the Nuclear dice will whittle your health tokens away while the Winter dice removes cage bars to protect your home, Bear Valley Hills. Obviously, you don’t want your precious bears to lose all their health, and certainly you want to make sure that your home remains intact during this unbearable season.

Working together is essential as you’ll need to gather the bear necessities to survive three different types of calamities — with the resource type indicated at the bottom of each calamity card. You never know how the nuclear winter is going to test you, so gather as many resource cards as you can.

However, let’s not forget that it’s a wasteland out there, and that sometimes means you won’t be getting exactly what you want.

When you and your sleuth gather in the night, it’s time to contribute. Take the relevant resources and gather them up. After all, sharing is caring. But that beckons the question: who in their right mind would contribute these rotten resources to the group?

Unluckily for you, someone’s little bear brain has been turned to mush by the nuclear radiation. And they’re out for total annihilation.

For a complete set of rules, you can click here. They’re also Solo and Co-op variants of the game that you can find inside. Good luck!

Box Content

Each box of Unbearable Winter comes with:

Box Components:

  • 31 Calamity Cards
  • 21 Location Cards
  • 10 Character Cards
  • 10 Character Stands
  • 3 Nuclear Dice
  • 3 Winter Dice
  • 3 Frenzy Dice
  • 1 Scavenge Dice
  • 25 Human Meeples
  • 30 Health Tokens
  • 30 Instinct Tokens
  • A Bear Valley Hills Center Plate
  • 12 Cage Bars
  • 75 Resource Cards
  • 48 Item Cards
  • 6 Role Cards

John was a former employee of Atom Metro Zoo

Moist is essentially 90% Bear and 10% Tardigrade

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