A Game of Racing Critters and Anarchy.


No. of Backers: On-going
Funding: On-going
Designer: Elliot Tan
Writer: Elliot Tan
Artists: Julia Wee
Release: NIL


In the vast and magnificent savanna known as, The Savanna, critters of all species gambol freely in their natural habitat. Everything was peaceful, liberating, and brimming with hope and love, until– a clamorous, reverberating boom disturbed the tranquility these animals are so accustomed to. The explosion was followed by a blazing green flash so terrifying to fathom, the animals knew only two things, to manifest their animalistic instincts and bolt for their lives.

No one knew what or where the deafening blast came from, but it was close enough to make the ground tremble and crack… Thus, begin an aimless race for survival known as, the Stampede.


Stampede is a racing card game where players just need to get their chosen animal first across the finish line. Along the way, you may use Power Cards to help your critter gain advantages throughout the race. Each animal brings a unique set of Power Cards to the game that all players can use, so there’s tons of crazy combos you can put together to rush through the Stampede.


Game Components

Each box of Stampede comes with 12 Unique Characters, 108 Race Cards, 192 Power Cards, 30 Instinct Tokens, and a neoprene playmat.

Product Components:

Meet Cassie: She has a distinctive beauty mark, the face of a movie star, neat silky fur and has excellent posture

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