Burning Bridges

A Party Game to Set Friendship on FIRE

Burning Bridges

No. of Backers: 323
Funding: $10,018
Designer: Elliot Tan
Writer: Elliot Tan
Artists: Julia Wee
Release: September 2019


Friendship is magic (or so we’ve heard), and this game is definitely out there to test it. We’ve got the perfect questions for you and your friends to answer. From downright embarrassing to straight up messed up, Burning Bridges asks you and your friends some deep, dark questions that are bound to uncover some hilarious moments.

You don’t just have to play with friends either. It makes a social ice-breaker as you play it based on first impressions. Skip all the surface level talk — let’s get down to some intimate conversations.

At the end of the day, hopefully, friendship will prevail.


Burning Bridges is simple. Just shuffle the question cards into a stack, and place somewhere everyone can easily access. Distribute one of each Lifeline cards to each player — these one-time-use cards just might save you from an embarrassing moment, or allow you to force someone’s hand (*insert evil laughter*).

Pick someone at random to be the first player. Then follow these simple steps:

Game Components

In your box of Burning Bridges, you’ll receive 170 devastating Question Cards, 2 sets of Fire, Water, Gasoline cards, 12 sets of 3 Lifelines, and a Rulebook.

fire, water, gasoline; they determine your fate

friendship in distress

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