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The brains behind the works. The hearts behind the art.

Situated in the heart of Toa Payoh, Start Something’s vibrant office environment imbues with slick modernity, imaginative energy, and endless creativity. We live for wild and wacky ideas that translate into jolly, memorable experiences for the ages.

Our office is within the throng of other innovative enterprises in a glass-concept space – we can literally see each other exhibiting our artistry with that amount of natural light.

We have a relatively comfortable couch, a modest mini-bar that serves more than refreshments, and an impressive library of our favorite board games. Pitching random thoughts and partaking in board game breaks is a pastime we take great pride in, after all, how can one be in the fun business without having fun?

Every team member’s inputs and ideas are unique and valuable; there is nothing greater than working on something one truly believes in. Passion is the key that unites us to deliver our best work, it is the fuel that drives this idea-generating locomotive that is Start Something Studios.

Elliot Tan

Creative Director

Part-time Dungeon Master and Full-Time Nerd. Whether it’s playing, analyzing or building them, Elliot strongly believes that games have the power to connect people and bring out the best in us.

Yoosh Lee

UI/UX Specialist

Yoosh is an avid climber armed with an impeccable eye for design and an extensive knowledge on all things science. What a combo! Ask her what a quark is or seek her opinion on a design choice, and be sure to receive something wholesome in return.

Tan Zhi Yang


An undying fan of Arsenal Football Club (go Gunners!), Yang is also a film critic and movie trivia buff. In the office, Yang enjoys sword-fighting, giving nicknames to his co-workers, and asking them if they want to go to this elusive “lemon show” (whatever that means).

Jonathan Lee

Full Stack Marketer

Jon is a marketing whizz by day and Kendama aficionado by night. Lob a candy or bite-sized biscuit towards his direction at any time of the day and he’d be there to catch it with his mouth, he’s real accurate.

Jasmine Toh

Project Coordinator

Jasmine is a savvy and caring project manager that never fails to remind one to stay on the right track, be it in work or life. She also suffers from Lachanophobia, making her carnivorous by nature.

April Leong

Marketing Executive

Apart from monitoring stats and churning reports, April is a budding marketing hotshot that hates matcha, feeds on dank memes, and schools the office on the current trends and lingos.

Darryl Lim

Full Stack Developer

A weirdly chill programmer with talents that extend beyond codes. On a regular day at work, you’d likely find Darryl strumming a few chords of his ukelele and reciting random movie monologues.

Julia Wee

Illustrator & Artist

The full geek archetype of the office, Julia enjoys it all. Anime, TV, Film. Yeah, the whole shebang. During her spare time, she doodles in her sketchbook for inspiration and does a whole bunch of DIY home crafts.

Jasmine Chau


Obsessed with Kamen Rider, Jass is a walking Wikipedia for all things related to it. If you need her attention, just shout “Henshin!” and there’s a very good chance she’ll pop out of hiding.

Isaac Tan


Isaac drops in occasionally to grab an ice-cold beer, crack some bad jokes, or water his precious potted plants. But in all seriousness, he owns everything.

Tasha Sun

Design Intern

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Chong Ming En

Digital Content intern

Keen to be part of our team? Email your CV to

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